About the Telluride Area

The old mining town of Telluride is located in Southwestern Colorado and surrounded by three amazing wilderness areas; Uncompahgre, Lizard Head and Mount Sneffles. These areas feature 160,479 acres of land where hundreds of miles of trails, countless Alpine lakes, beautiful trout filled streams, and a host of challenging peaks await your visit.

The first mining claim in 1875 lured a flood of fortune seekers to the Telluride area. Mining for silver, gold, zinc, lead and copper created an unimaginable 350 miles of multi-level tunnels that honeycomb through the mountains at the east end of the valley. These early residents also built the country’s greatest network of high alpine 4x4 roads offering access to many ghost towns and mines in the backcountry of Telluride.

The youngest of the Colorado Rockies, the San Juan Mountain Range is one of the West’s most beautiful sites. The mountaintops are ready for you to summit, reaching over 14,000 feet. The variety of peaks offers access for all levels of ability.

Name Elevation
Mt. Sneffles
Handies Peak 14,048
Mt. Wilson
North Bolus 14,039
Sunlight Peak
Red Cloud Peak 14,034
El Diente
Wilson Peak 14,017
Mt. Bolus
Wetterhorn Peak 14,015
Windom Peak
San Luis Peak 14,014

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